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Sunday, 19 July 2009

Northern Drakensberg mountains and Cape Griffon Vultures

One night in the northern Drakensberg (between Witsieshoek Pass and Sterkfontein Dam) treated us to stunning scenery;

A breathtaking sunrise

And a few Cape Griffon Vultures


Sharon said...

Wow, the second shot looks like a painting. What stunning beauty!

Jochen said...

Ooooh, Cape Griffons. Saw them around Potberg in the SW Cape, truly impressive beasts.
Envious? Me?
Noooooo, not a tiny bit, certainly not, ah, why should I, really?

T and S said...

Dale - All three are amazing shot, the 2nd one is not just a stunning sunrise, its a stunning photograph as well.

The 3rd one of the Griffon in flight against the blue skies is beautiful.

Kelly said...

Wow! Beautiful scenery, and what a sight to see that huge fellow in the sky!