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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Slide show for Birdlife Tirol

Tomorrow evening I will be giving a talk / slide show to BirdLife Tirol based on the biogeography, bird and other animals of South Africa...
looking forward to it!


Chris said...

I hope somebody is video-recording, and that you will publish the video ;-) You are so nice on videos ;-) Good luck!

dAwN said...

Good luck!!!!

Jochen said...

Wish I was there to attend.
Although, ... Look, I highly respect your presentation skills, but if I was there I'd be chasing Wallcreepers!!


Cheers, mate, I just posted my bit on "our" Snowfinches. Nice memories.

Shady Character said...

Looks interesting. How did it go? I'll bet people were enthralled.

Dale Forbes said...

the talk went well, my first public presentation all in German. But tons of photos helped to make it easier ;-)

Funny, although I had some lovely shots of african wildlife with great portraits, close-ups, in landscape, showing behaviour etc. the audience was most moved by all the bird photos. Then again, it was a BirdLife talk, so who could possibly blame them for being enthralled by the likes of Lilac-breasted Rollers, Brown-hooded Kingfishers and Long-tailed Shrikes?

Jochen said...

@Dale: seriously man, I know German is a difficult language to learn, and I heard you talk German (well, with a strong, strong Tirolean accent ;-)) and was AMAZED. I have hardly ever heard anyone talk German as a foreign language so well.
If you had sweaty hands before the talk due to it being the first presentation in German, you were being completely ridiculous.
I suppose you speak Afrikaans and that this was of help in learning German?