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Saturday, 10 July 2010

More wallcreeper photos

Last Sunday I headed out to the Wallcreeper nest again, this time accompanied by Paul W. Instead of going for the front-on across the river view (see the last wallcreeper blog post with a photo of the area), we decided to see if we could get above the nest and look across. This really was an incredible spot and it was amazing to have the wallcreepers all around us.

Wow I love this bird!

These next two photos of the male wallcreeper flying lack speed and focus, but I think they get closest to summing up a lot of what makes the wallcreeper such a powerful bird for me. They have these big flappy butterfly wings and flutter about most of the time. But surprisingly often, they will decide to "give gas" (as the Austrians would say) and can really fly surprisingly fast - a flash of scarlet dashing by. No focus, just an impression of something powerfully beautiful.

All photos digiscoped with a Swarovski Optik STM80 HD, TLS800 digiscoping adapter and a Canon 7D

The images here have been resized but not cropped at all.

Happy digiscoping,
Dale Forbes


NatureFootstep said...

what a wonderful bird :) I can understand you like it. We don´t have such birds over here. Great shots with the digiscope. :)

Sankara Subramanian C said...

Such a beautiful bird, especially during flight. Its colors are simply magnificent.

Chris said...

Hi Dale,
Yes they are sometime very fast, and probably one of the most difficult bird to get pictures of. I remember reading an article on them and a French photographer who spent hours, months, years to get perfect shots of them!! You did well mate and I do love the two last ones two ;-)

Lana Gramlich said...

Wow...what a wonderful little bird! Those wings are just beautiful!

Chris said...

Hi Again,
To answer your question, yes I was talking about the article in Image & Nature, which was as you said a fantastic one! Do you read French or does it exist in other language?

Bob Kaufman said...

Great job capturing this lovely bird! The flash of scarlet on its wings is a joy to behold!

Richard S said...

Hi Dale,
What a magnificent action shot of the Wallcreeper with its wings like a parachute.

I must try the digiscoping sometime. It certainly is easier to carry than the DSLR kit.

Bought a pair of Swarovision 10 x 42.recently Fantastic!

Jerry Jourdan said...

Cut it out! You're killing me!
Great captures.

Anonymous said...

That first one is just so cool! Thanks for sharing.

Halcyon said...

Amazing how all that red comes out when they spread their wings.

Such beauties!

Anna said...

Dale never seen wallcreeper, but it seems like an amazing bird. Its amazing how things can adapt. Anna :)