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Monday, 7 January 2008

A mild drizzle

How can rain possibly be mild? Well, the rain outside is nothing like an African savannah thunder storm. it doesn't smell like one. it would not rattle our tin roof (if we had one). and it is certainly not the kind that gets the birds chirping and the impala pronking.
it is more like the sit in bed with a cup of soup, turn the light on, and read a good book, kind of rain.

if we were 200m higher, it would be snowing. growing up in South Africa, one doesn't get to see all that much snow so it is certainly lovely to be able to look out of my balcony windows up at snow-covered slopes.
(the photo is of my very first snow angel!)

While I was in the Caribbean I was blogging fairly often:
But I haven't really written much since then. This is me getting back in to it. So for those of you who know me, or who are equally passionate about animals, living things, the sky, snow, binoculars, brands, people, or other sorts of stuff, stay tuned. oh, and please feel free to write back.

Hiking with friends in Autumn

One last thing, I made a little video of our dive with tiger sharks in South Africa: