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Friday, 25 July 2008

Digiscoping Birds on La Costa Brava, Spain

The wife and I have just joined a few friends on the Catalunian Costa Brava, based in the marina-town of Empuriabrava. Inspired by Clay Taylor`s CD1000 bird digiscoping project, I decided to do a mini version whilst here - try to see just how many bird species I could digiscope on a vacation (with wifey and non-birding friends ;-)

I haven`t had time to take advantage of photoshop yet, but here are some of my early photos:

Day one:
Barn Swallows

Day two:
Blackwinged Stilt
One of my favorite birds as a child, they are particularly common here and there are also lots of youngsters about.

White Stork

Another bird I knew as a child - good to see (and hear) them again.

Little Grebe

Day 3:
Yellowlegged Gull (juv)

My first Nightingale photo

Day 4:
Blacktailed Godwit

Squacco heron

Purple Gallinule (Swamphen)

Blackheaded Night Heron


Species digiscoped so far: 34
Most of the easy ones done, now comes the hard part!

Happy birding
Dale Forbes

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