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Friday, 26 June 2009

Rovereto and the mountains of Südtirol, Italy

In May, Clay and I spent some time in the famous Delta del Po - about an hour south of Venice - in northeastern Italy. At the end of our time in Italy, I dropped Clay off at the airport and started heading back to Tirol. But instead of taking the [boring] Autostrada back, I decided to go off of the main road at Vicenza (one of the super-famous architect - Palladio's - favorite haunts) and head north through the countryside.

The beauty of the landscape bubbled over as I got to the foothills of the Alps and over in to Südtirol /Trentino Alto Adige. The tightly curving road, great cliffs and luminous "80's green" new spring foliage was stunning and made for an incredible drive.

I am fairly sure that there were birds there. But I must admit that I was so jaw-dropped by the wonderful setting that I did not even really look. Eventually the road came out at Rovereto, a lovely little town.

How breathtaking the world is when we just open our eyes and hearts to it.

Happy birding
Dale Forbes


Sharon said...

So glad you took the scenic route home:)

Kelly said...

...the scenic routes (we always seem to remember them--why don't we take them more often. Glad you did!). Beautiful!!

Gaelyn said...

My kind of drive. Love the backroads. And what wonderful scenery.

Dale Forbes said...

Hi Sharon, Kelly and Gaelyn. yes, if we are always rushing to get somewhere we never enjoy the ride. much like life in general.

Thank you for all your comments and continued support