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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Shorteared Owl, the power of digiscoping

this is one of my favorite videos I have made so far and I dont think I have posted it on my blog yet.
It is from our first day
birding with swarovski optik in kazakhstan this last may and starts with a typical steppe scene and a pile of interesting birders....

you'll have to watch the video to find out what happens next

go ahead, watch the video in HD

the scope is one of the new Swarovski Optik ATM80HD (that stands for "Angled Telescope Magnesium 80mm objective High Definition Flourite lenses), 25-50x wide zoom eyepiece, and the Swarovski DCB digiscoping adapter with my little Canon A590IS compact camera.

happy birding!
Dale Forbes


Chris said...

Hi Dale,
When I think that I've to be as close as 15 meters to get a nice shot with my photo gears, try to hide in some place, learn the behavior of the birds, avoid disturbance!! Gosh I might one day go to digiscopy... Well I don't know, I love the way I do it... Maybe a combination of both, especially for hard species to get!!

corey said...

Love the video...and the bird wasn't bad either!

Kevin said...


great video yes that is the Power of Digiscoping!

Dale Forbes said...

Chris, there is an art and a meditative beauty about long waits in hides and working hard for your photos. but nothing beats the ease and power of a good digiscoping setup!
btw, you and I are going to have to get together some time and do some photography together.

Corey, good to have you by. how is the young one?
that bird was veery cool indeed.

Yup, Kevin, and you know it better than almost any!