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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Cold, grey England. But what a lot of fun!

I think the title sums it up.
We flew in to England last night. and it snowed a few flakes overnight, but the excitement of being in a new country (on my birthday) is pretty cool and I am looking forward to getting out and taking some photos today. Hopefully the wind calms down and the sun comes out at some stage, otherwise TLS800 photography is going to be rather tough...

Happy birding,


Gaelyn said...

Happy Birthday Dale. Hope the weather improves. Enjoy!

Jochen said...

Happy Birthday - belated. Oh, the UK? Nice! You should try and twitch Charlie Moores while you are there, that's one good fellow to have on your life list!
hope the birds will cooperate as well. The weather... well ... I doubt it.

Matthew Capper said...

Happy Birthday and welcome to England! Where are you staying?

Keith said...

Hey! Happy Birthday Dale and welcome to the UK. Hope you enjoy your stay and I look forward to your posts.



Anonymous said...

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