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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

TLS800 photography workshop in England

So I spent much of last week and the weekend in a bitterly cold England and got a miserable cold for my troubles. The coldest day was probably Thursday when we had planned to spend much of the day out in the field taking photos with the TLS800 telescope photography system.

We headed out to Weirwood Reservoir in East Sussex (just south of East Grinstead), to the greeting of an icy wind and temperatures that felt like a good -10°C. not exactly ideal for photography.

Out on the water were some Cormorants, Widgeon, Tufted Duck and a couple of Great Crested Grebes. Making for our only decent photographic subjects were some tits on a bird feeder and a few mallards in front of the hide.

All taken with the Swarovski Optik STM80HD spotting scope, TLS800 telescope photography adapter, and a Canon 5D mark II.

To give an impression of what the photos would look like with a normal 50mm lens:

Richard Sibley (AP Magazine) trying to get some action shots of tits.

Happy birding,
Dale Forbes


Chris said...

Superb post Dale!!! I love the second shot a lot and I can see that Richard is hiding very well when he is taking pictures ;-)

corey said...

Sure, Mallards might be a common bird but you got some sweet shots. I know I've resorted to House Sparrows, Starlings, and Canada Geese often enough...

Unknown said...

Amazing post with crystal clear details...Thomas

Dawn Fine said...

Beautiful clarity and detail!