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Sunday, 11 April 2010

My best birding day EVER!

okay, so maybe that is just a little bit exaggerated, but last Sunday really was an awesome birding day: it is not often that I see a good number of species that I think: "WOW! Didn't expect to see you here!"

Easter Sunday saw me going out for a bit of a wander at my local patch, the Inzinger Gaisau, a calling and drumming Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (Kleinspecht) was the first bird that made me think: Nice.

But it was the Bluethroat (Blaukehlchen)
Common Snipe (Bekasine)
2 skulking Jacksnipe (Zwergschnepfe), and
2 Ring Ousel (Ringdrossel) feeding in the fields with Song Thrush (Ring Ousel is normally only found at about 1700m and above here, not at 650m asl),
that really made the morning special.

Bluethroat digiscoped on the Kazakhstani steppes last year. Swarovski Optik ATM 80HD, 25-50x zoom, DCB digiscoping adapter, Canon A590IS.

In the afternoon, Barbara and I headed down to Brixleg to go for a walk in the castle's old gardens (Schloss Matzen). There too were a good few Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers starting to breed, but it was the crazy duck on the Inn that was really special:

A single male Common Scoter (Trauerente)

Despite the name, it really is far from common here. In fact, they are more than a little rare in Tirol.

I added this photo to give an idea of how hard it was to get any photos of the duck. It was raining hard, the light was very very poor and all I had was a cheap compact camera (Canon A590 IS) and a really good pair of binoculars (new SLC HD), all done through trees. Digibinning at its extreme!

Happy birding,
Dale Forbes


The Early Birder said...

Those are the best days Dale, no expectations and then lots of surprising finds. Very impressive digibinning. FAB.

eileeninmd said...

Awesome shot of the Bluethroat. It is a gorgeous looking bird.

Jordan Sitorus said...

I know how that feels Dale!

Anyway, the bluethroat looks like a little gem in the sun! beautiful bird! and in an eyecatching composition too. Great job!

Shady Character said...

Don't you just love surprises! Nice that the Ring Ousel came down for a day trip. That Bluethroat is quite the beauty.

JRandSue said...

Stunning Images Dale,well Digiscoped.

Larry said...

What a fantastic day Dale! Beautiful shot of the Bluethroat and a truly unbelievable shot of the Scoter through the trees with the bins!

Chris said...

What a day Dale! I'd like to see a blue-throated, I've never see it... If scoters are rare just come over here... They are plenty in Myvatn ;-) Well done to digiscope within the tree, I'm dying already with a 300mm lens and I cannot even think what it would be with a scope!

Jochen said...

Oh geez, that was a fine day indeed. Jacksnipe?
And I will not comment on the digibinning as expertise is to be expected in your field of work. They didn't ask you specifically for nothing, right?

Cheers, mate!

Bob Kaufman said...

I would agree that that is your best birding day ever. It would've been mine. The bluethroat shot is fantastic!

Pam said...

Sounds like a great day to me, I had a great one too at the weekend. The Bluethroat is a beautiful bird.

Stu said...

I've always wanted to see a Bluethroat.........