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Friday, 27 August 2010

Crazy creatures and great times...

One of the groups of birds I was really looking forward to in Thailand was the Kingfishers. And I had great hopes to find a good number of species, and to digiscope them. The first place we stayed (Raileh Beach), I quickly found this beautiful Collared Kingfisher. So my hopes were high...

Little did I know these things were quite so elusive. I had unsatisfactory views of Blue-banded Kingfisher, and another unidentified kingfisher in Khao Sok National Park, and just the bum of a Brown-winged Kingfisher in Krabi, I saw Collared Kingfisher all over the place, and once saw a White-throated Kingfisher alongside the road... tough.

Pied Fantail feeding in the mangroves of Raileh East Beach

crazy beautiful caterpillar

view from the lookout point down over Koh Phi Phi Don island

little fish trying their hardest to eat our feet off. I giggled for 20mins straight. It was good for my tummy and facial muscles. My feet survived. Those are my wife's feet, btw, just in case you were wondering.

Happy birding,


Chris said...

Excellent Dale... I love the crazy caterpillar ;-) And yes you will definitively have to go back if you did not get the kingfishers ;-)

James said...

It looks fantastic Dale - love the feet eating fish

Tabib said...

We call that Pied Fantail - "Crazy/mad bird"