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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

I really like that country

I oftentimes wondered how people could travel to Thailand year after year. It seemed like such a boring choice to always go back to the same place when the world has so much to offer. all over the place.

But after three weeks in the country, I think I kinda understand. We flew in to the country with absolutely no plans other than that at some stage we wanted to visit good friends of ours on the Phi Phi islands. We never travelled far, keeping it all within a very small area of southern Thailand. But what we did see/experience really touched us.

The landscape is dramatic and impressive

The forests are incredible

The birds stunning

And best of all, the people are really really smiley. Apparently, they have a guiding philosophy to laugh/smile at everything. There seems to be a real culture of - and striving for happiness. And this is respected.

I see this in stark contrast to the business environment and society in much of the "western" world (for wont of a better term) which prides itself in seriousness, stress and greed as its ideals.

I will be going back.


Fraser Simpson said...

Sounds great Dale, hope to go there some day.
I see you are giving a talk/demonstration at Bird Fair - if I make it, I'll come and say hello.

Chris said...

Hi Dale,
Yes it is sometime good to visit other country and to realize that life might be better in some other place that we can enjoy during vacation. I hope you have more pictures ;-)

Tabib said...

have not visited you blog for a while.
Great visit and that Red-bearded Bee-eater is beautiful.

Unknown said...

A very nice place to go and the bird is cute.