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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Living Koh Phi Phi

...and doing a little birding on the side.

ah, the island life. beach. sun. forest. turquoise waters...

I was not expecting much from Maya Bay, famous as the location from the Leo di Caprio movie "The Beach", but it really was a stunning bay. White sand beach, thick forest, remote. Wow.

Going out on the diving boat was not only great for the sheer joy of coral reef diving, but surprisingly good for birds. We did a fair amount of diving around Bida Noi and Bida Nok.

Bida Noi and Bida Nok: Two pillars to the south of Koh Phi Phi Leh, a good area for terns and both Lesser Frigatebird and Christmas Island Frigatebird in fair numbers. The Bidas and Koh Phi Phi Leh are also good for Black nest Swiftlet and Germain's Swiftlet.

A view from one of Koh Phi Phis viewsites (not to be missed). The thick forest should be good for birding, but I kinda struggled. I did find Greater Racket-tailed Drongos and the ubiquitous Pied Imperial Pigeon.

A ghastly photo of the beautiful Pied Imperial Pigeon. Probably the easiest way to find them is to get off the ferry, turn right and head towards the great big Banyan Tree (Tonsai in Thai), right behind Aquanauts Dive Centre. Look up and they will be there.

Happy birding,
Dale Forbes


Chris said...

Wow the scenery are beautiful Dale, and this pigeon is kind of a really beautiful pigeon type ( I tend to hate the one in Europe ;-) )... I guess this was a big change for you ;-)

John E. Riutta said...

It's a rough life you lead Dale; a rough life indeed.

Matt said...

Now this is nice, beautiful scenery which I enjoy to look at. It kind of inspires me to draw birds.

Ideos said...

Wow, amazing photos, looks like a paradise.

Hard reset

Unknown said...

Beautiful places @ pictures

VanityofVanities said...

Wow! Wonderful views and photos. Like you, I also love the beach and the sea. hmmm, hope it's vacation again, eh.

Cathy@cherokee workwear