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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Playing with the new Panasonic G2

We got the Panasonic Lumix G2 just a few weeks ago and the Photokina in Cologne was the first time I had a little bit of time to play with it and see what it could do.

To be brutally honest, I was not expecting much - something like a camera trying to be a real camera but not really living up to the promise. The Lumix G2 was a pleasant surprise.

The pictures here were all taken on my morning/evening walks between our hotel (near the stunningly beautiful Cologne cathedral), and the Photokina expo hall. The Hohenzollern Bridge is one of the most wonderful places I discovered in my (short) time in Cologne, 409m long (1350ft) and decorated with love padlocks (Liebesschlösse).

a really old lock. where on earth did they find this lock?

I loved playing with the light and colours on the bridge...

The masterkey...
I loved that

playing with artificial effects on the computer

new and old

Well, the Panasonic G2 is no Nikon D3, but I was quite happy with its ease of use, how quickly it was to find my way around the camera, and its control of depth of field, amongst other things. I'll be using this camera a whole lot over the next few months for it certainly seems to be more than a handy digiscoping camera.


Chris said...

Well you did use it quite well. I love the idea of the padlocks ;-)

Dale Forbes said...

Hi Chris, I found it absolutely impossible to walk past the locks and not get drawn in to my camera, the light, the moment. Wonderful.

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