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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Birding in the city - well, Innsbruck does have something to offer!

I just spent an hour birding and walking about the Hofgarten (in the middle of Innsbruck, Tirol). I was on my way to work this morning when I heard a Black Redstart (Hausrotschwanz) calling from the rooftop in the middle of down-town Innsbruck. That got me thinking that I really should see what else I could find. The day had not heated up yet (dont think it will, either), and the birds were really singing. oh, and I had my ELs with me.

A quick stop in at Hofgarten (which is right behind my office at the university) produced at least 400 Brambling (Bergfinken), 3 Mistle Thrush (Misteldrossel), and a few Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers (Kleinspecht).

I will write about it in more detail later in the day...

But what a lovely day to start a work day, with a bit of productive birding in the city!

Happy birding

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