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Friday, 27 March 2009

The Black Redstarts are back in town

Hausrotschwanz // European Black Redstart (Phoenicurus ochruros subsp. gibraltariensis) ♂

I wandered outside on to the balcony this afternoon - it was beautiful and sunny outside, lovely and warm; the first spring day we have had this year...

And then my phone rang.

Check cell phone.


Mild confusion.

Oh! it is not my ringtone, it is a real, live, singing black redstart singing in our neighbourhood.
The thing is, I have not heard a black redstart singing here in town for many many long months, and I haven't seen one for almost as long.
So, alone with the first day of spring, came the first black redstart song of the year, what a wonderful day!

(hear the Black Redstart song by garden-birds.co.uk)

Incidentally, I also heard a white-winged snowfinch this morning in Schlick 2000.
And there has been no sign of the Eagle Owl at all since we first spotted it last saturday. My working hypothesis is that it normally roosts somewhere on Martinswand in a favorite spot, but because there are rock climbers and mountaineers all over the cliffs over the weekend (particularly warm, sunny saturdays), the eagle owl might have to flee to a quieter, more protected spot on these days. If that theory works, and lady luck is on my side, then we should be able to find the eagle owl tomorrow. Unfortunately (or forunately ;-) I head off to Hochötz tomorrow for a day with the family - fun in the sun, with lots of slushy snow! yippee!

Happy birding

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