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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Brambling in Hofgarten in Innsbruck

I know I said that I would write more about the Bramblings but I got caught up in work and never made it back to talking about the cool birds in Hofgarten. So here are a few more lines on the subject...

the starlings are building nests,
the blue tits were - as always - adorable
the eurasian nuthatches were singing away
the mistle thrushes were skulking
the blackbirds were - hard to guess - vociferous
and a crag martin gave me a flyby

all of that excitement on top of the raucous clamor of the bramblings,
and the occasional call of a Lesser spotted woodpecker

I stopped off at Baggersee late this afternoon to see if there was anything about. nothing. well, one mallard and a few bramblings...
all this frantic rushing about because apparently some northern pintail, common pochard, gadwall and a shelduck (amongst others) had been seen there last week.
darn, I missed them, grrrr.

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