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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Digiscoping, roadrunners and great big Kazakhstani canyons

I passed by Sharon the BirdChick's blog yesterday to find a video she made about digiscoping.

Check out the roadrunner in action!

So American. So Sharon. I love it.

here is another video with Sharon in - we were at the Charyn Canyon in southern Kazakhstan - it is one of the most spectacular natural things I have ever seen. Well up there with the Victoria Falls, Guatemalan volcanoes, alpine peaks, and columns of rock rising out of the ocean's depths.

the wind in Charyn Canyon was howling - at least 5 billion miles per hour.
But it was fine, because we knew that it was "dangerous for life"

happy birding,
Dale Forbes


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

That canyon is spectacular Dale!! WOW!!

Dale Forbes said...


Chris said...

Hi Dale,
Fantastic videos! The roadrunner action is stunning, gosh, That's a true predator man!!! Incredible. The canyon video was also awesome! Beautiful place to visit!

Mississippi said...

Ha! Dale, I forgot about that video! I still need to do an entry on that part, do you mind if I embed the vid?

Dale Forbes said...

Hi Sharon, go ahead and imbed it - just post a link back here.