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Monday, 21 September 2009

I am a lousy photographer

It is true. or maybe better said, I am a lazy post-photography.

I loooooove taking photographs and digiscoping is IMHO the greatest thing ever. even since long before slice bread.

but then I take thousands of photos and post-process about one every few months. so I end up posting a whole pile of photos on my blog which have just been taken, resized ('cos I have a lousy internet connection at home) and posted. with a little bit of my garbled drivel to go with it ;-)

and then I got into video stuff. and even worse - videography. now this means that I can have tons of fun in the field filling external hard drives by the dozen (oh, much to my [lovely] wife's disgust, may I add), but it also means that I actually have to do a whole pile of post-editing before anything becomes remotes watchable.

And I am a lazy post-photographer. We've discussed this.

Anyhow, here is one video that made it through the cracks. It is of some Pied Avocets and Black-winged Stilts filmed in Delta del Po, near Venice in Italy.

check out the hot pink legs (as pinoyangelfish put it)

happy videoscoping!


Carol said...

You did a great job of following him while flying...talk about long legs!


Richard King said...

I'm the same, a bit lazy to sort out photos and video. I think I'll just stick with video. Good vid by the way, love those pink legs!

Gaelyn said...

So I thought it was the way to take 100s to 1000s of photos to get those few good ones. I am anal about labeling every picture I take, good or bad. You just have to do the part you love the most, and not worry about the rest. I always see great images here. Like the video.

Chris said...

Hi Dale,
It is the same for all of us I guess. We are accumulating pictures to post-treat, but at least I have an advantage, I can only do post-treatment in winter cause there is almost no light to take pictures... hi hi!!
Beautiful movie by the way!

Dale Forbes said...

Hi Carol - well it was not that easy following them in flight as I only had an axis tripod head (great for digiscoping, but not as fluid to move for video as a ball head) - and all that at between 25 and 50x magnification!

Richard, you have some great videos. I have not visited your youtube channel in a good 5months or so but I spent some time there last night - nice!

Gaelyn, I took 5000 photos in South Africa and deleted almost 4000. that still left me with way more than I can effectively look through ;-)

Chris. Ah well, there has to be something for you to do in winter. Do you want to post-process some of mine? maybe for christmas ;-)

Anonymous said...

I believe that deep down it is not about taking good pictures. It is about the experience one is having outdoors. The camera is a portal towards paying attention to the moment at hand. We can see the world and its details more clearly. And be seeing more clearly we realize that we are seeing a reflection of the inner mind.