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Saturday, 12 September 2009

Wildlife up close - lion

the lion

need I say more.
it is one of those creatures completely bound up in our imagination - with images of power, and grace, and fear...

1. the distinctive black behind the ears

2. normally hidden, the claws come out to control their prey (in this case a wildebeest)

3. eye reflecting the car we are hiding in, trying not to get eaten. it gives you an impression of just how far away we are and how big a pseudo-telephoto lens that digiscoping kit is

4. a scratch

5. lions sleep a good 23.5hrs a day. I dare say, many a safari visitor to Africa has only seen something like this - a single lazy paw up in the air, body hidden in the grass. lazy creatures.

6. yummy

Please vote for your favorite, and at the end of the series, I will randomly choose a winner from each post in the series and send them the original full-sized image they chose.

Happy voting and good luck!
Dale Forbes


DeniseinVA said...

Fantastic shots. I remember being at a zoo when the lions were roaring. You felt it right down to the tips of your toes, it was an amazing sound. What a beautiful animal.

Gaelyn said...

This is a tough one Dale. I really like how 4 and 5 are so catish, but 6 says it all. As always, great captures. I'll settle with a sleeping lion sighting.

Vernon said...

"lions sleep a good 23.5hrs a day. I dare say, many a safari visitor to Africa has only seen something like this - a single lazy paw"

How true. As a guide there is always the pressure to find lions, but most of the time they are just sleeping under a tree somewhere. Of course it makes those rare sightings of a bit of action all the more amazing.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

It is a tough on today. I have to go with the scratch then the eye reflection.

Amila Suwa said...

6 it is.
More business like.

Becky said...

#3 gets my vote and then the paw in the air! They are so majestic!

Jochen said...

The paw, definitely the paw.

Dale Forbes said...

although I like them all, the power and colour in the sixth one ( the lower lip) when ir is blown up big is absolutely incredible - I am particularly happy with that shot.

the original image of no.6 is tack sharp in its full size (they all lose a bit when they are compressed and made smaller)

happy digiscoping

Jordan Sitorus said...

#5 for me...

They all look sharp to me! amazing