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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Flying Purple Heron digiscoped

On the Saturday of the Pannonian Bird Experience 2010, I was taking out a "crash course in digiscoping", and a Purple Heron gave a fly-by so I dashed over to my digiscoping setup and fired off a few shots:

Swarovski STM80 HD, TLS800, Canon 7D

I've had to compress them to not blow out my internet connection, but I am quite happy with them. They could have done with a lower ISO, but there really was not time to think about settings, so I will forgive myself ;-)

All flying bird photos digiscoped with a Swarovski Optik STM80 HD spotting scope, TLS800 telescope photography adapter and a Canon 7D. I am quickly becoming a fan of this camera: it has a little more reach than my favorite digiscoping camera, the Canon 5D mark II (due to its crop factor and APS-C sensor), has many of the controls of the 5DII, but does not seem to have quite the same high ISO noise control as the 5DII.

Happy digiscoping,
Dale Forbes


Gallicissa said...

Great results! I have never tried a BIF through digiscoping.

Dale Forbes said...

Hi Gallicissa, it takes a bit of practice to digiscope birds in flight, but it is certainly possible.

MaineBirder said...

I don't even know if I can get a bird in flight via digiscoping.

Great job you did, very nice photos!

Lana Gramlich said...

Very nice! Hopefully someday I can afford a digiscope setup like that. Keep up the good work!

Larry said...

Amazing in-flight digi shots Dale! I have been getting in some digiscoping time and will be posting some of my better photos soon.

I think it might be awhile before I can get good in-flight shots, that's for sure!

Thanks for all your tips on digiscoping. I am hooked!

Dale Forbes said...

@John, after that latest osprey shot of yours, I have no doubt that with a bit of practice, you could take great digiscoping shots. you have an eye for photography.

Hi Lana, thank you for stopping by. You art and photos leave me humbled. Beautiful. And such a diversity. A high-quality digiscoping setup - while not suitable for every situation - would allow you easy and portable access to very long focal lengths.

@ Larry, do you know our digiscoping website? www.swarovskioptik.com/en/digiscoping
Great swallow photos, btw.

happy digiscoping,

Tabib said...

Great in flight shots!. You have mastered the art of dgiscoping.

jake said...
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pleee.. try to more entertainment..now i am your fan..