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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Video Digiscoping with Andreas Kieling

Whilst at the Pannonian Bird Experience, we got to spend some time with and make a small video with Andreas Kieling. Kieling is a real super-star in German nature documentaries, having made some stunning videos over the past couple of decades. He started out with documentaries filmed while spending many months at a time by himself in the wilderness of arctic Alaska. Out of this grew his passion for bears; becoming an expert on bear behaviour, and in the process was the first to film many amazing aspects of the lives and behaviour of grizzly bears, black bears and polar bears. His work on polar bears - in particular - has brought him a great deal of critical acclaim and success.

Anyhow, so we had spent the morning digiscoping on one of the lakes in the Neusiedlersee-Seewinkel National Park and had decided to spend the afternoon looking for the Great Bustards that should be displaying in the area. Kieling has a very gentle way about him and it is easy to see why animals are so calm in his presence.

.......................................click on the little triangle to get the closed captions / subtitles ^

While we were out there, we made a video about video digiscoping, or videoscoping. The new DSLRs with full HD video are really opening up an exciting new field for bird and animal lovers. Capturing animals on film has a charm and 3D realism about it that is hard to capture in photos. Photography potentially has a greater artistic beauty value to it, but video wins in pulling you in to the moment.

Here are a couple of Kieling / arte / National Geographic / BBC Wildlife videos:

Have a wonderful weekend!
Dale Forbes


Mark Whittaker said...

Cracking blog. Have posted this on my webpage for other to see

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful post and videos!

Larry said...

More great digiscoping information! Thanks Dale for all your digiscoping hints and advice. It has helped me learn this exciting photo option.

Dale Forbes said...

Dear Mark, Eileen and Larry, please accept my appologies for taking my pretty time in getting back to you. This week is turning out to be just as busy as last...

@Mark, thank you for the re-post Mark. Always fun to share the blog love.

@Eileen, thank you for the encouragement. I have really grown to love the whole video making thing and exploring another creative side of myself. I now just need to find a way to make them good enough to have more people want to watch them!

@Larry, I have a good few more videos in the production process, or growing in my head, so watch this space!

NatureFootstep said...

this is soo hard. I tried with limited sucess, almost hopeless to get the settings right. :(