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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Blackcaps sing when they are happy

Blackcap, originally uploaded by my flickr friend gwynnrichards.

Yet another silly title. Maybe I should spend more time thinking up something clever, or whitty or - at the very least - somewhat more related to what I wanted to write about.

I wanted to talk about the happy news that I heard my first Blackcap of the year singing in the garden. what a wonderfully welcome sound.

as a critically thinking scientist who relishes in delving in theory and ruthlessly bashing imperfectly designed methodology, statistical approaches and reasoning, I would be the first to throw out wishy washy pseudoscience and be flabbergasted by anthropomorphisms.

But then again, office hours are long passed, and the offices lights are turned off. Consequently, I would like to categorically state that Blackcaps are happy when they sing.

And so am I.

Happy spring
Dale Forbes


Anonymous said...

I have not yet had the pleasure of seeing a Blackcap in the wild, however after reading much about them as included in Jeremy Mynott's recent book "Birdscapes" I am very eager to do so some day.

Andor Marton said...

Nice shot. Is it made with the Canon SLR camera + Swarowski telescope?

Tabib said...

Ha..ha!, we can only assume that they are like us - happy when they sing. ;)

Denise said...

I would agree with you, I think the Blackcap is happy when it sings. Beautiful photo! I think I can actually see a smile on its face.

Keiths Birding Blog said...

Hi Dale I'm lucky enough to have many Happy Blackcaps at Brandon Marsh, my count stopped at 12 yesterday! What a lovely little bird & what an excellent blog you have.



Dale Forbes said...

Hello all, thank you for your comments!

John, blackcaps are a wonder. When you are next in europe, you should definately pop up to the Alps and I will take you around to experience some of wonderful birds (think Spotted Nutcracker, Snowfinches, Alpine Accentors, Alpine Choughs... oh, and Chamois and Ibex ;-)

Andor, I am not sure what Gwynn uses for his (wonderful) photography, but check out his flickr photostream anyway!

Tabib & Denise, if what you say is true, then the average bird is way happier than the average "we". I think I should sing more. Thich Nhat Hanh always says that we should practice smiling more, even if we initially dont feel it. After a while, smiling (and being happier) just comes naturally. Practice makes perfect, even for happiness.

Keith, you seem to have a thing for cuckoos. have you ever seen any of the little Chrysococcyx cuckoos on your travels? Any Garden Warblers in Brandon yet?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have to agree with Dale Blackcaps are very much a sign of spring here, some place there are so many of them they are almost deafening!

Thank for the comments on the photo and for those intersted it was taken with a canon 1d III and a 500 f4 IS len with a 1.4X converter


Philip said...

Now this is what I call real bird Photography these shots are incredible :)

Dale Forbes said...

I call it "making friends with people who take pretty photos". I am hoping some of their talent/expertise will rub off.

yen said...

great photography, lots of details and very crisp. Blackcap = black crested? are they not meaning the same?


Dale Forbes said...

hi yen, bird names are not always that logical but in this case, it does make sense. the blackcap's name refers to the black area at the top of the head (like a black baseball cap without the peak in the front). the black crested bulbul has a crest, like a protrusion that sticks up (think, There's Something about Mary), which is black.