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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Some more photos from MoonWatch

Here are some more images from my first three nights doing the MoonWatch night time bird migration surveys.

Up at the beautiful Hungerburgbahn train station - our first night out doing the night bird migration study.

Sunset up at Hoadl Haus (Axamer Lizum, 2350m asl)

Sunset and our MoonWatch setup, also Hoadl Haus (Axamer Lizum). Almost no birds migrating over the mountain top, but what a stunning location to be at full moon!

The moon rising at Axamer Lizum.

A rather frienly Alpine Accentor up at Seegrube (North Park Ski Arena, overlooking Innsbruck). We saw alpine accentors in the late afternoon at Seegrube, as well as up at Axamer Lizum that morning. Lovely birds.

Seegrube and North Park have got to be one of the most reliable and best spots in the Innsbruck area to see and photograph Alpine Choughs. Between the Alpine Accentors, Alpine Choughs and Black Redstarts, I have lots of birds to play with my digiscoping setup.

I need to leave now to go back up the mountain - another sleepless night staring at the full moon (it really is a fascinating object!)

Happy birding


Anonymous said...

Wow, that really looks like spectacular settings to spend the evening! And what lovely little bird friends, its so great to see some birds from another area. I love those vibrant orange/red legs against the snow.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I will be sure to bring you some pasta if I ever make it your direction.

Kaczeka Osh said...

Really "good job" with this blog. Thank You very much ;)!!!