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Friday, 21 August 2009

Birds of Kruger National Park

The Afrikaans call this the Spookvoel (Ghost bird) because of its eerie call. Its a Greyheaded Bush Shrike. and uncharacteristically confiding.

Parrots are the greatest group of all birds in the entire universe. ever! this is a brownhooded parrot feeding on green Erythrina lysistemon seeds (I may have spelled that correctly)

African Scops Owl playing hard to see. Always in Afsaal picnic site.

The ubiquitous Yellowbilled Hornbills. crazy birds. charismatic.

Purplebanded Sunbird showing off his stunning metalic sheen. We had four sunbird species in the tree above this bird. He is, incidentally in a Tecomaria capensis shrub - a great garden plant for sunbirds and other nectarivores.

Happy birding!
Dale Forbes


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Wonderful series Dale. Love the shrike most of all as it is not an easy one to get pics of. Well done!!

Gaelyn said...

Again, all wonderful shots. I like the hornbill for the knowing look it's giving. More fun things to look for when I'm in Africa.

Chris said...

Hi Dale,
What a set! Gosh, they are all wonderful shots of wonderful birds!

Andrea said...

Beautiful pictures.
I find your definition about the Yellowbilled Hornbill absolutely perfect.
Perfect for this bird.

Fraser Simpson said...

The similarity between the Scops' plumage and the bark is amazing. Great series of shots.

Gallicissa said...

Great pics, Dale.
African Scops Owl is my fav followed by Yellowbilled Hornbill.