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Monday, 10 August 2009

SA Photographs & Kruger

well, the highlight of last week was meeting up with Joan of SAPhotographs. People like that should not be allowed in to cities at all - they have too much to share. Joan, get back to the bush! that is an order!

This week lets me drag my austrian inlaws about the african bush. hard life.

Here is a young Martial Eagle (Kampfadler)

African Hawk Eagle flyby

Hyaena spotted deep in the bush at sunset


Gaelyn said...

Tell Joan to wait for me.

The captures are excellent. Really like the hyaena.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Gaelyn - I am not going anywhere until you are here so I can drag you there with me. :)

Dale - Thank you for a wonderful evening. It was brilliant meeting up with you, B & C. I hope the rest of your trip is going great too.

Ah yes!! What I wouldn't give to be back there in my beloved bush!! At least I was able to spend 2 days in Pilansberg now showing Andrea and his wife around. Another lovely couple and I managed to find caracal as well as lion for him plus all the usual so it was an excellent trip. He has been wanting to see a caracal all his life and never has until now, so I am pleased it turned out special for him.

What a tough life you have taking people to the bush too, but some of us have to do it. :)

Love the Martial Eagle. They are almost as magnificent as the Fish Eagle. I managed to get some great shots of the birds in Pilansberg but I will wait to post them until you get back so I can make you jealous. LOL!! I am cruel I know!! :)

Jochen said...

Joan, go ahead with the pics. I am prepared, all psyched up. I'll manage. I'll be fine.
And Dale, let's see what you've got. Give us your best, Joan is a fierce competitor!

Anonymous said...

Love the Martial Eagle. They are almost as magnificent as the Fish Eagle.

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