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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Digiscoping Cheetahs

These are some of my favorite shots of cheetah, digiscoped recently at a game reserve in the central Free State, South Africa.

looking serious

surveying the landscape. is that a springbok I see?

cheetah have a very unique look to their eyes. there is an intensity. but also a weariness. leopards have a power that says: "i own you. i own this land. and i will disappear in to it in a heartbeat."

the cheetah's eyes say: "i am powerful. but i am not afraid to run away. i run to fight another day. because you will never catch me."

Happy digiscoping
Dale Forbes


Chris said...

Hi Dale,
These are wonderful portraits of a wonderful animal. How lucky you are to be in such a place!!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

The word "cheetah" has always had a magic attraction for me. You could at least have got one for me to keep as a pet Dale. I promise I would feed it properly. :)

My mother was fascinated with leopards and we used to have great arguments (friendly) as to which one is more beautiful. It was one neither won I'm afraid. :)

Gaelyn said...

Excellent. I would say cheetas have a wise and knowing look. That opinion may change when I see them for myself.

JRandSue said...

Fantastic Digiscoping,top notch.

Kevin said...

Great work dale you get spoiled with those wonderful Animals LOL.

Richard King said...

Fantastic work my friend!

Dale Forbes said...

Joan, cheetah are incredible beings, and I certainly have a soft spot for them.

but cheetah have nothing on leopards. in fact leopards and jaguars are the greatest mammals on earth. ever. this is not an opinion, just straight fact! ;-)

Hi Chris, Kevin, JR and Richard: I am sure you can all imagine how much fun I had taking the photos. the one series of leopard photos that I got were part of what is probably the highlight of my naturalist career. my inability to express the experience adequately leaves me with having to just rely on presenting the photos and hoping that I have been successful enough at capturing the essence of the animal.

Gaelyn; I think you may have hit the nail on the head there with your insight. I would be very interested to hear your insight after having seen them in the wild...

Anonymous said...

I would say this are excellent and it is an interesting way to get them.

Pick a Peck of Pixels

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Now you sound like my mother and I am going to have to argue with you about it too. LOL!!

Leopards are beautiful but they do not compare to the sleek, power and beauty of the cheetah. Its lines are classic with no excess weight and is one of obly two animals who's shin actually has spots nit just the hair. To see them run with their tail out behind them is poetry in motion.:)

Your photograohs says it all Dale, not need for words.

Gaelyn: who are not wrong and will not change your mind when you see them. :)