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Friday, 21 August 2009

Digiscoping leopards - part II

Remember that leopard photo in my last leopard blog post? the big male near Berg-en-Dal camp? Well, this is how far it was:

So far, digiscoping has been dominated by birders taking photos of pretty little birdies, but I really really believe that digiscoping is something incredible for general nature / wildlife photography. All three of the leopard photos in my last blog post were taken at considerable distance - so great in fact that they are hard to make out on a normal camera.

Digiscoping is the bomb!

The camera you see there in the photo came compliments of Whysalls:

Happy digiscoping
Dale Forbes


Chris said...

Hi Dale,
Do you then use the life view mode of the camera?
When you will be back, I would have tons of questions again on the materials you are using on this picture...
Cheers, Chris.

Dale Forbes said...

Hi Chris,

Live view is great to show other people things - you can then have a whole pile of heads behind the camera and everyone can see the well-hidden owl without having to fight over time behind the telescope/camera.

Other than that, I cant think of any time that I would use the live-view function. because i focus manually, I invariably use the optical viewfinder as it is just so much better to get good, accurate focus.

Thanks for all the comments, and feel free to send those questions. you could email me at daleATbird.at

Gaelyn said...

Obviously digiscope is good for wildlife shots. Yesterdays were fantastic. I need to look into this if it's a cheaper way to make my little Cannon get these closeups verses a bigger better camera.

Dale Forbes said...

Hi Gaelyn, what canon are you using? there are lots of great applications for digiscoping and lots of great reasons to get in to it. but the best way to decide what you need is to figure out what type of photography would bring you the most joy and then get a camera system that would best suit that.

feel free to send me an email directly if you would like to ask any specific questions or bounce off ideas.

Happy times!