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Monday 9 March 2009

Alpine Accentor - early spring song (Tirol, Austria)

The Alpine Accentors have just returned to the high mountains of Tirol (Austrian Alps) and are really singing beautifully. I found this individual in the ski resort town of Kühtai (Sellraintal), just southwest of Innsbruck in Tirol, Austria. They are normally rather shy and tend to avoid human settlements during spring and summer, but this accentor was having a merry time singing from the terraces of the local hotels.

I took the video with my digiscoping setup (Canon 590IS; Swaro ATS 80HD, 30x eye-piece, DCA digiscoping adaptor) - hence the poor sound quality.

Despite the abundance of snow in the mountains (and even down in Innsbruck last night), it seems that spring is definitely on its way!

Happy birding
Dale Forbes

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