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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Digiscoping Today - week 8

It is Saturday again so Welcome to the 8th installment of Digiscoping Today!

[See Digiscoping Today - week 7][
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The idea behind it is to share my (and probably your) passion for digiscoping and nature. Nature gives us so much joy in so many ways and digiscoping - as with other forms of photography - gives us a reason to be outdoors.

Add your name and web address and tell your friends to join in too.
Write a comment to tell us what you have posted.

Last week we had:
  1. I added a link to a post on digibinning/how to take photos with binoculars (a video made on the steppes of Kazakhstan), and
  2. Corey of 10,000 birds added some great shots of the beautiful pink Mongolian Finches from our recent Swarovski Optik digiscoping trip to Kazakhstan.

Happy digiscoping!
Dale Forbes

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1 comment:

corey said...

Arctic Tern from 10,000 Birds, a good find for New York State!