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Monday, 21 December 2009

Canon 5D mark II digiscoping with TLS800

Recently, I have been using the Canon Eos 5D mark II a fair amount, and it makes a great camera for digiscoping using the TLS800 adapter. To be completely honest, I have been astounded by the quality of the results. Here are some photos of Chamois I took at Alpenzoo last week.

I liked this guy's expression

Happy digiscoping,
Dale Forbes


What's In My Yard? said...

Very cool pictures.

Dale Forbes said...

thanks Tony, I guess you don't find too many Chamois in your back garden...
thanks for visiting!

nintendo dsi r4 said...

I've had my camera since Christmas Eve and I absolutely love it. I've only shot Christmas pictures and a few portraits but it's everything in a camera I've been hoping for.

Harvman said...

The best photography..

Thanks by Black Friday 5D Mark