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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Wild Goose Festival, Tata Hungary

So I have already posted about the Wild Goose Festival in Tata Hungary, but while I was out there I took some video footage so that I could make a short video about it. It is very short, I promise, but it has some cool footage and will help you imagine just how incredible of a festival it really is.

Every year in November, the west Hungarian city of Tata hosts an incredible birding festival. 2009 saw approximately 24,000 wild geese on the Old Lake (Öreg To) and played host to more than 10,000 people coming to view the spectacle.

The festival drew large numbers of serious birders as well as a considerable crowd of non-birders (avian muggles) who were just fascinated by the experience.

Besides the early morning take-off and sunset return of the geese, the day is largely occupied with a bird race for the more serious birders, and information talks and demonstrations for the general public.

The festival was organised by MME / BirdLife Hungary, Szaz Völgy and the Duna-Ipoly National Park.

Happy birding!
Dale Forbes


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Hi Dale. Wishing you a splendid Christmas. Cheers Frank.