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Monday, 7 December 2009

Pygmy Cormorant Zwergscharbe Delta del Po, Italy

In May, Clay Taylor and I spent a few days in Italy's dream birding location - the Delta del Po. One of the highlights is the thousands of Pygmy Cormorants (Zwergscharbe) floating/flying about. They really are an abundant bird in the Po Delta - and I suspect - a good deal of the reason why they are spreading throughout the region now (Martin and I saw two Pygmy Shags in Neusiedlersee last weekend).

The highlight of the trip was being taken to the hide near Ravenna. Here are some digiscoping photos from our time with the Pygmy Cormorants there:

A nice sillouette:

While we were at the Pygmy Cormorant hide, we made a little video on the UCA digiscoping adapter which I have posted here before - it also has some videoscoping shots of the Pygmy Cormorants:

Happy birding, Dale Forbes


The Early Birder said...

Good shooting Dale. I remember these chaps during a visit to Bulgaria last year.

Gaelyn said...

They look like regular cormants. What size are they? Nice captures from the hide Dale.

Tabib said...

Nice Cormorants shots, and very informative video.

Dale Forbes said...

Hi Gaelyn, they are much like the Great Cormorant (77-94cm), but considerable smaller (45-55cm).

Thanks for your comments Tabib and Frank!