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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Digiscoping Today - week 1

Welcome to the first ever Digiscoping Today installment!

The idea behind it is to share my (and probably your) passion for digiscoping and nature. Nature gives us so much joy in so many ways and digiscoping - as with other forms of photography - gives us a reason to be outdoors.

So please, add your name and web address to the block below and tell your friends to join in too.

More info here.

1. Dawn has just posted a lovely pic of a Pied-billed Grebe showing off its characteristically large bill beautifully.

2. Kevin Bolton has added a link to his flickr profile, with lots of new photos that he has posted over the last few days. This one of a cardinal really stood out to me:

3. Jerry Jourdan has linked a post about digiscoping the White-faced Ibis and he has some incredible shots (and a video) to show for it!

4. Jason has a wonderful collection of mouthwatering images from Sabah Borneo Island - gaudy coloured kingfishers, great big hornbills and wild Orang Utans! I have really wanted to get to Sabah for ages. In fact, one day I will live there! (you can all be my witnesses) great birds and awesome tropical diving, what more could I ask for?

5. First videoscoping contribution comes from Can Popper; showing some nice detail on a pelican. Can has just help me choose a video camera and gave tons of great advice on how to create a videoscoping setup, so hopefully I will be able to get some videoscoping shots of my own soon.

6. Tom Cuffe of "Galway Bird photos and more" has a nice website with a wide range of bird and nature photos from Ireland. He uses both a compact camera/digiscoping setup and a classic DSLR setup for his photography. Here are some terns that he digiscoped.

7. Frank the Early Birder has added a photo of a European Starling and as Frank put it "
Whilst I know this species is not so popular on the other side of the Atlantic, the Starling (Sturnus vulgaris) is a regular visitor to our garden. It also has a rich repertoire of song, often incorporating imitations of other species and many other sounds such as car alarms etc."
It really is nice to be able to see and appreciate a species in its natural home environment when one has known it as a "pest" elsewhere (this also happened to me with Lantana camara).

Happy digiscoping!
Dale Forbes

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Kallen305 said...

Very cool blog carnival. I will have to be mindful of it whenever I digiscope. My photos still come out lousy though. HA! Too blurry for some reason whenever I do it.

dAwN said...

Thanks Dale for the new Carnival..

Dale Forbes said...

Hi Kim, I look forward to your photos!

Hi dAwN, I like the grebe. one day I will get to see a real live one!

Sharon said...

I am not a digiscoper, but I will definitely love looking at all the images that will be shared here.
Thanks to everyone!!

The Early Birder said...

Hi Dale, after a few hic-ups I have finally posted a link (No.7 my lucky no!)with an early example of my digi-scoping. Let's hope we get a few more. Cheers FAB

Dale Forbes said...

thanks Frank!

Shady Character said...

Those images and video are so inspiring, maybe I'll finally get my equipment out and give digiscoping a try.