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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Digiscoping Today - week 4

Welcome to the fourth installment of Digiscoping Today!

[See Digiscoping Today - week 3][
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The idea behind it is to share my (and probably your) passion for digiscoping and nature. Nature gives us so much joy in so many ways and digiscoping - as with other forms of photography - gives us a reason to be outdoors.

Add your name and web address and tell your friends to join in too.
Write a comment to tell us what you have posted.

Happy digiscoping!
Dale Forbes

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Shady Character said...

My attempts at digiscoping to date have been dismal failures. I think the problem is my equipment. Once I spot something in the scope and then affix the camera with the adapter--which looks like the contraption that holds a spinal cord injury victim's head still--the scope always moves and shimmies around and I can't find my subject again. I need at least a new tripod and probably some online research into the secrets.

corey said...

I've tossed in some Yellow Wagtails...if you want to throw your 2 cents in as to if I have them identified to the proper subspecies, well, feel free!