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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Digiscoping Today - week 2

Welcome to the second installment of Digiscoping Today!

The idea behind it is to share my (and probably your) passion for digiscoping and nature. Nature gives us so much joy in so many ways and digiscoping - as with other forms of photography - gives us a reason to be outdoors.

So please, add your name and web address to the block below and tell your friends to join in too.

More info here.

I have just gotten back from Kazakhstan (in the last few minutes) and have huge numbers of really cool photos and videos so will be posting them over the next few weeks.

This afternoon we are off to Po Delta (northeast Italy) for a few days, so I might not be able to post for the next few days.

1. Corey of 10000birds has posted a link to some photos from a recent trip to Honduras. It is well worth scrolling down and checking out those Euphonias - they are a little bubble of yellow joy bouncing around in the tree tops!

2. Frank the Early Birder got some lovely shots of Mandarin Ducks and tells a good story too. What makes the shots all the more impressive is that they were taken using a monopod shoved in to the earth to keep the hand-held digiscoping setup steady in a fierce wind!

3. Carol of WildlifeAroundUs has some nice shots of a Caroline Chickadee in her garden. I wonder how it ended up that they were called chickadees to the west of the atlantic, and tits to the east?

Happy digiscoping!
Dale Forbes

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corey said...

It was great to meet you on the trip to Kazakhstan, Dale...just back yself and I figured I'd throw in a post that went up while I was gone. Some so-so shots of good birds and a pretty good shot of a more ho-hum bird.

T and S said...

I will surely wait for those images Dale, just let me know.

The Early Birder said...

Must be great to be dashing around the world Dale.
A bit of 'windy' digiscoping this weekend as my contribution.

Jochen said...

Well, Dale, as you wrote a post the moment you got back, the vodka issue turned out favourable??

Looking forward to the reports! But take your time, the Po Delta must be a pretty darn good place to be when interested in birds, so that'll be granted priority.