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Saturday, 9 May 2009

Night migration of birds - videoscoping

MoonWatch is an ornithological project aimed at investigating the night-time migration of birds through the Alps. It must have been almost a month ago now that we did the survey: spending each evening staring at the moon through a telescope looking for birds flying between us and the moon.

On two evenings, I did a little bit of videoscoping with my little point-and-shoot digital camera, the Canon A590IS. I put together a few clips with birds flying past the moon.

Can you see all four birds flying past the moon?

There are five clips. Only the last four have birds in them.
Congrats if you can see any of the birds in the small frame.
Viewing FULL SCREEN and in HIGH QUALITY definitely helps.

When you have found a bird, you can describe it in the comments section by saying which direction it is flying (top is 12, bottom is 6, like a clock face).

This will give you an idea of just how concentrated one needs to be in order to not miss a bird.

Happy birding


Rob said...

Hi Dale,

Ummm, all I see is a big white box where the picture is supposed to be. Even when I put the mouse over it, nothing comes up, like to click and open it or anything.

Hey, I am having one last bit of trouble with my blogroller... the URL. When I copy and paste a web-link (URL?) of one of my favorite blogs to it... my latest one always comes up in blog roller.

Hope I am not being a bother asking you this on here.


Ginnymo said...

Well......I can see little specks but only saw two fly by. Way too small to recognize. But great shots of the moon. I was hoping we'd have a clear sky tonight for the full moon but it's going to be raining. Darn it. I love taking photos of the moon. Just with my old regular digital camera though. I use a Sony DSC-H5.

Dale Forbes said...

Hi Rob, if the page is loading slowly then sometimes a youtube embed will appear plain white. I will answer your other question on your blog directly.

Hi Ginny, you saw two birds? where were they flying from and to?
As for species identification, it is all but impossible. At one stage, I did, however, see four ducks flying past together, which - imho - had the wing beat and flight style of Teal. but that is more of a guess then any hard evidence-based identification.

Dale Forbes said...

btw, the first and third birds are particularly difficult and you might have to watch a few times to find them. try focusing on specific spots in the image and watching it a few times over.

Sharon said...

I saw one flying 10 to 4 and the second one was flying 4 to 12....might have blinked and missed any more. Nice shot of the moon:)

Kelly said...

...I was able to see two definitely...one going left to right and the other right to left! This is very cool.